About Badges

Badges are secondry NFTs in Better Fan ecosystem. It brings additional benefits to your Fan Card. Every Fan Card has 4 badge slots. Currently, there are four types of badges:

Sport Badge

Increases possible winnings for specific sports.

Country Badge

Increases possible winnings for events in specific countries.

Luck Badge

Increases badge drop rate.

Thrive Badge

Prevents losing from a single match.(Users needs to have at least 4 match in their prediction slip)

How to acquire Badges?

There are two ways to acquire badges. The first way is through Badge Boxes that drop based on predictions. Successful predictions, especially those with higher odds, increase the drop rate. To open Badge Boxes, users need to burn a certain amount of $BFF tokens.
The second way is through the in-game marketplace. Users can directly go to the marketplace and purchase their desired badge with $BFF tokens.