Leaderboard Tutorial

Welcome to the Better Fan Leaderboard Tutorial! This guide will explain how our leaderboard system works, how you can participate, and what rewards you can win. Let’s get started!

Understanding Bet Slips and the Leaderboard

What is a Bet Slip?

A bet slip is a collection of your predictions on sports matches. Each match in the bet slip has its own odds, and if all predictions in the bet slip are correct, the combined odds determine your success.

How It Works:

1. Creating a Bet Slip:

• Select the matches you want to predict and click the “Play Now” button at the bottom right.

2. Calculating the Odds:

• For example, if your bet slip includes two matches with odds of 2 and 6, the combined odds are calculated as follows: 2 × 6 = 12.

3. When Are Bet Slips Valid?

• A bet slip is counted towards the leaderboard once all included matches have concluded. The combined odds are then reflected on the day the final match results are in. This applies to both weekly and monthly competitions. For example, if a bet slip in the weekly competition finishes in the next week, its odds are included in the calculation for the next week.

Note: The total of all completed bet slips will increase your leaderboard score.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Leaderboards

Daily Leaderboard:

The daily leaderboard resets at 00:00 UTC every day.

The top 3 participants with the highest combined odds win the following rewards:

• 1st Place: 4-day Fan Card

• 2nd Place: 2-day Fan Card

• 3rd Place: 1- day Fan Card

Weekly Leaderboard:

The weekly leaderboard runs from Monday to Sunday.

The top 3 participants with the highest combined odds over the week win the following rewards:

• 1st Place: 7-day Fan Card

• 2nd Place: 5-day Fan Card

In the image above, the user ranked 1st on the weekly leaderboard has a total combined odds of 44.79, achieved with 6 bet slips.

Monthly Leaderboard:

The monthly leaderboard tracks the combined odds of all successful bet slips throughout the month.

The top 3 participants win the following rewards:

• 1st Place: 1-month Fan Card

• 2nd Place: 15-day Fan Card

• 3rd Place: 10-day Fan Card

Gift Cards

Unlike regular Fan Cards, Gift Cards:

• Cannot be upgraded.

• Do not lose energy.

• Cannot be sold.

• These cards provide an opportunity to participate without the need for maintenance. Note: The first monthly leaderboard will be calculated starting from 2024 June 1st, 00:00 UTC.

Participating in the Leaderboard

1. Make Your Predictions:

• Log in to your Better Fan account.

• Create your bet slip by selecting your matches.

2. Track Your Progress:

• Follow the leaderboard on the website to see where you stand.

• Remember, the more accurate your predictions and the higher your combined odds, the better your chances of winning.

3. Claim Your Rewards:

• If you rank in the top 3 of any leaderboard, your rewards will be credited to your account.

• Enjoy your Fan Cards!

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how the Better Fan leaderboard system works and how you can maximize your chances of winning. Happy predicting!

Better Fan Leaderboard: https://app.better.fan/leaderboard

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