About Fan Cards

Fan cards are the main component of the Better Fan ecosystem. It gives you the utility of make predictions. Every fan card is unique by looking. Let's take a close look at the Fan Cards.

Card Rarities

There are four different rarities of fan cards. Each of them has a different base point for card ratio and provides a different amount of predictions.

Card TypeBase RatioPer LevelPredictions

















Card Level

Every Fan Card starts at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 30. Upgrading Fan Cards requires burning $BTB tokens and, in some levels, $BFF tokens. Higher-level Fan Cards provides you higher Card Ratio, which eventually increases your potential winnings

Mint Count

Every Fan Card can be minted up to 7 times. If the mint count increases, the mint price will also increase. In order to mint a new Fan Card, you need to hold at least 2 Fan Cards and burn a certain amount of $BTB tokens.

Badge Slots

Every Fan Card comes with 4 random Badge Slots. To use these slots, you need to reach the required level and burn a certain amount of $BTB tokens. For more details please check the badges page.

Energy Bar

Every Fan Card starts with 100 energy points. With successful predictions, the card's energy decreases. To refill the energy, you need to burn a small amount of $BTB tokens. If your energy drops significantly, there will be a penalty for your winnings.

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